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Say NO MORE - To being Stuck, Overwhelmed or Disengaged - EVER again!

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Failed Goals

Personal Transformation Course

with Dr Mirra Jensen

5 Modules including Learning Videos and tailored Activities supported by group and individual interactions with Dr Mirra Jensen to advise you along the way... 

Most Participants say the course takes about 10 hrs to complete and that you can expect your new way of living to be fully embedded after just 3 months!!!

Yes! I'm Ready to Live MY Life.

Accelerate Amazing

Change in Your Life!

Live 100% on

Passion and Purpose

No More

Blocks Ever!

A word from the Founder of Transformation3

Dr Mirra Jensen


"After just a few months it’s like the dam wall has broken apart and all these things that were previously blocked are flooding open, It’s so easy and quick to be in the sweet spot now.

It’s helped me to find balance in parts of my life I didn’t know were out of balance. I now feel hopeful on areas of my life that I never thought I would figure out - things I’d just given up trying on.

My life is now full of possibility!"

*Course participant Jasmine, reflections after 3 months.

This course is right for you if you want a life WITHOUT detours.

You want less bumps along the way, you want to be more in control of your choices, your path, your life.


You are a DRIVEN, CAPABLE PERSON, Who deserves more from life -

 The life of your dreams!


Some of the feelings you may have experienced that have led you to this point might have included:

  • Feeling disconnected from your own life
  • Not living the life you thought you would
  • Perhaps you find it hard to be excited about the day when you wake up
  • Or, that feeling like everyone else has got it together and is successful and happy 

You may find it hard to trust your self and the decisions you make, Or not know where to go for reliable advice and support...

  • It could be a feeling that others' (partner, boss, friends) don’t see your whole self, your capability or worth
  • You may be aware that you find it difficult to talk about your self - authentically
  • For some, it’s feeling a big gap between where you are and where you want to be, it feels insurmountable
  • It could be as simple and complex as just losing the spring in your step

You may carry regret or feel exhausted from trying...

  • Feeling failures deeply or that life is just an uphill battle 
  • You might blame your previous decisions as though that let's you off the hook from moving forward now
  • Or, you find yourself telling people ‘I don’t know what I want to do’
  • Mostly there is a feeling like you just have to ‘keep doing’ so you can tell yourself ‘well at least you tried’
I agree, It doesn't need to be that way and I deserve more!

Catherine Ward 

"I’ve been doing self development stuff for a long time, I’ve used a bunch of different models but never have I had SO many light bulb moments - every time I balance the elements!"

It’s that easy...


Your Life. No Detours. ™ is built using the Transformation3 method.

A method discovered through PhD research using Phenomenological enquiry.


A simple thought process that will support you to live your life - 100% with passion and purpose - no more detours - ever!


This is a method that has been used  for over 10 years in organizations - supporting CEOs and executives to make large complex changes to the way they work, live and operate on a daily basis.

It is built on a a simple process of ‘balancing the elements’ uncovered through PhD research using phenomenological inquiry - leveraging the philosophical pythagorean knowledge and practices. Yes, this knowledge is founded in wisdom going back to 500 BC.


And now it’s available for you for personal transformation - to transform ALL aspects of your life.


Yes Please! I want to leverage this ancient WISDOM, and research findings!

Infinite ways to balance...

There's an infinite amount of options on how balanced our elements are in any given moment... And the same infinite opportunities to get back in the sweet spot. In any given moment, once you have balanced the elements for one problem or decision, the next one arises. With approximately 35,000 decisions a day, that’s equivalent to a new decision every 2.5 seconds, some big, some small, either way they are all shaping our our next step and the greater path to our dream life. 

The Transformation3 approach is so seamless, that it helps you both in the moment and also reflectively to see where past choices have led to a current imbalance. This imbalance of your focus and actions can relate to all aspects of your life, it is the cause of you not reaching your goals, getting stuck, feeling blocked, being indecisive, feeling overwhelmed, lacking confidence, feeling disconnected from people, activities and your self.

I want to quickly 'balance my elements' right now!

Transformation3 is making AMAZING Change in the world:

  • Used Transformation3 1:1 with 498 individuals to support them through personal change
  • Supported 157 CEO’s and Executives to manage their staff through Transformation
  • Led 93,000 employees through complex organisational change 
  • Managed Change and Transformation Programs with budgets totalling over $50,000,000.
  • Engaged 520 Conference Participants on all things change and transformation
  • Licensed over 30 individuals with a Professional Licence to support organisations and individuals with Transformation3

David Harris

Dr Mirra Jensen’s phenomenological research led her to a powerful model in understanding how we transform - the value of which can take a lifetime to achieve. It is an invaluable contribution for us all.

Simon Higgins

What sets Dr Jensen’s thinking apart is her focus on “embedding an ongoing, dynamic, real-time approach”, which should help ensure the changes you initiate become the transformations you want and need.

Jam Packed with Value

The Your Life. No Detours. course modules are Jam Packed with just what you need to learn the approach, apply it in your life, embed the new way of being and watch the magic happen! 

Each Module provides just the right level of detail, practical examples and ready made activities that walk you through the EXACT thinking process that is right for you in that moment. 

This course is so effective you will look back at the old you and think wow, was I really stuck in that for so long - was it really just THAT EASY to propel myself into my dream life!

Embed the course learnings into your life with a BONUS stack of ready to fill templates.  

Included in the BONUS Stack:

  • Day Planner
  • Course Highlights Workbook
  • Excuse Buster
  • Prioritisation Matrix
  • Stakeholder Matrix
  • Self-Awareness Matrix
  • Beginners Guide to Self Awareness 
  • Printable Card Deck
  • Digital Values Tool




Coaching programs typically cost tens of thousands of dollars - and the support disappears upon completion.


THIS program delivers Instant, SEAMLESS, Do-It-Yourself Coaching that you will draw upon for the rest of your life!  

Live support anytime you need it

The greatest value of using the Transformation3 approach for every action and interaction on a daily basis comes from truly embedding the thinking, doing and being into your life. It usually takes about 3 months for this to occur. The best learning comes from putting things into action so the support group is there to assist when you need it to test your thinking or get some new perspectives. Perhaps there's a block that you can't quite see, but someone else has already lived it and can point you in the right direction.

Pay in Full


Price Listed in USD

  • Pay in Full for 20% Discount
  • 5 Modules + 5 Activity Templates
  • Bonus Stack of 9 Resources
  • Support Group

3 Monthly Payments


Price Listed in USD

  • 3 Easy Payments
  • 5 Modules + 5 Activity Templates
  • Bonus Stack of 9 Resources
  • Support Group

Alex Chambers 

"Thank you so much!! I feel so good this morning. I really feel like so much has shifted... I'm going to protect that fiercely now because I never want to go back."

Your Life. No Detours. 

The leading personal transformation course for driven people who feel they are surviving life and know they deserve a thriving life

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Stephanie Holcombe

“Dr Mirra's process is almost so commonsensical that it is easy to miss. She broke down my thoughts and limiting beliefs into a path that I could see the breadcrumbs laid out into a bigger destination out of the mud of my limiting beliefs. I so appreciate my time with her!" 

Teresa Hetherington


"I was beyond excited when I experienced Dr Mirra Jensen’s Transformation3 model. It is quite simply, the best and most pragmatic model I have encountered. Even more importantly - it works! If you want true transformation then look no further. This is it."

What is it worth in your life to?


~ Achieve a Mindset Shift to Respond to Change with the Right Choices

~ Identify Your Default Response to Change ~

~ Obtain Mastery of Change Symptoms and Proactive Solutions ~

~ Be in the Drivers Seat of Your Life? ~

~ Consistently have Motivation and Accountability to Transform Your Life ~


  • Module 1: Responding to Change with The Right Choices ($197)
  • Module 1: Re-useable Activity Template ($37)
  • Module 2: How Things Transform - From PhD Research ($197)
  • Module 2: Re-useable Transformation Whiteboard ($37)
  • Module 3: Symptoms and Solutions ($197)
  • Module 3: My Default Response to Change is... ($37)
  • Module 4: Get Back in the Drivers Seat ($197)
  • Module 4: Life Audit ($37)
  • Module 5: A Complete Approach ($197)
  • Module 5: Supporting Others to Change and Grow ($37)
  • Bonus Stack: Day Planner - 30 Days to Transform ($37)
  • Bonus Stack: Course Highlights Workbook ($17)
  • Bonus Stack: Excuse Buster ($17)
  • Bonus Stack: Prioritisation Matrix ($17)
  • Bonus Stack: Stakeholder Matrix ($17)
  • Bonus Stack: Self-Awareness Matrix ($17)
  • Bonus Stack: Beginners Guide to Self Awareness ($17)
  • Bonus Stack: Printable Card Deck ($37)
  • Bonus Stack: Digital Values Tool ($27)

Your Life. No Detours. 24/7 Online Support Group. (Priceless)

Totalling Over $1500 in Course Materials for just $799

~ Delivering Immeasurable Value in Your Life ~

Pay in Full


Price Listed in USD

  • Pay in Full for 20% Discount
  • 5 Modules + 5 Activity Templates
  • Bonus Stack of 9 Resources
  • Support Group

3 Monthly Payments


Price Listed in USD

  • 3 Easy Payments
  • 5 Modules + 5 Activity Templates
  • Bonus Stack of 9 Resources
  • Support Group

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