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Your Life. No Detours. ™

Transform Your Life with Dr Mirra Jensen

What you'll get:

  • 5 Modules to embed Transformation3 as a way of making amazing change occur in your life
  • 5 activity templates to easily discover what is keeping you from living your most radiant life.
  • Live support group to provide guidance, feedback and new perspectives to assist you to fast track change in your life.

What you'll experience:

  • New knowledge that will shatter any limiting beliefs, blocks or hurdles that are preventing your from living your life 100% on passion and purpose.
  • Watching as Big Problems evaporate in front of your eyes, shifting your perspective and shifting your life towards only spending time on the things you value most
  • Looking back in amazement at the incredible change occurring across all aspects of your life in a mere few months.

Money Back Guarantee:

If after the first week of the program you feel as though it hasn’t delivered at least 5x the value on the purchase price, that’s $4,000 worth of actionable ideas, advice and insights to provide you with the knowledge and know-how to problem solve any life situation that is holding you back from living your most radiant life, we will happily refund your money in full.

No questions asked. Just email within 30-days of access for a full refund. This is my guarantee to you. If after a week you can’t see how the program will, in just a few months, have you living 100% with Passion and Purpose, there’s no commitment required for you to see it through.

What People Are Saying:

After just a few months it’s like the dam wall has broken apart and all these things that were previously blocked are flooding open, It’s so easy and quick to be in the sweet spot now. It’s helped me to find balance in parts of my life I didn’t know were out of balance. I now feel hopeful on areas of my life that I never thought I would figure out. Things I’d just given up trying on.
 My life is now full of possibility!

Jasmine Meredith

What sets Dr Jensen’s thinking apart is her focus on 'embedding an ongoing, dynamic, real-time approach', which should help ensure the changes you initiate become the transformations you want and need.

Simon Higgins

Dr Mirra Jensen’s phenomenological research led her to a powerful model in understanding how we transform - the value of which can take a lifetime to achieve. It is an invaluable contribution for us all.

David Harris

I was beyond excited when I experienced Dr Mirra Jensen’s Transformation3 model. It is quite simply, the best and most pragmatic model I have encountered. Even more importantly - it works! If you want true transformation then look no further. This is it.

Teresa Hetherington

Her ability to see things differently and adopt that into her work makes it incredibly successful.

Charlotte Campbell

She is a Change Wizard!

Peter Jackowski

Mirra’s process is almost so commonsensical that it is easy to miss. She broke down my thoughts and limiting beliefs into a path that I could see the breadcrumbs laid out into a bigger destination out of the mud of my limiting beliefs. I so appreciate my time with her!

Stephanie Holcombe