How Well Do You Respond to Change in Your Life? 

Created by Dr Mirra Jensen


David Harris

Dr Mirra Jensen’s phenomenological research led her to a powerful model in understanding how we transform - the value of which can take a lifetime to achieve. It is an invaluable contribution for us all.

Simon Higgins

What sets Dr Jensen’s thinking apart is her focus on “embedding an ongoing, dynamic, real-time approach”, which should help ensure the changes you initiate become the transformations you want and need.

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Hi! I'm Dr. Mirra Jensen!


Ever since I started my Transformation Consultation practice, I've helped hundreds of professionals manage change better. Now it is time to ask you this question:

What's holding you back?

You know that thing that isn’t what it should be, the one you’ve almost given up on believing it could be any different? Career, Relationship, Finances, Wellbeing?

Whatever it is, all hope is not lost, I guarantee there is a simple way to completely transform this and any other aspect of your life.

As a transformation leader, over the last 15 years, I have helped thousands of individuals at many organisations change and transform - I am passionate about helping people transform.

I get so much joy from seeing someone break through an area of their life that is holding them back - yes, I want to help YOU to achieve your dreams. 

I'm ready to take the Quiz!

If you already know that you are ready to instantly improve your response to change...  

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