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Posted by : Miranda Jensen
Date Published: 27 August 2015

Transformation 3 Training
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Organisations have moved from implementing incremental changes to large scale transformations in response to industries and markets transforming at an ever increasing rate. Employers are expecting more from their staff and staff expect their organisation to support them with new technologies, facilities and efficient ways of working.

The Transformation3 methodology is a complete suite of defined activities that ensures a dynamic and effective implementation of large scale and complex change. The Transformation3 approach focuses on developing a strong picture of where you are now which provides a foundation for building on and defining where you want to get to. It provides a real-time way of assessing and responding to the needs of your organisation as it transforms.

This 2-day in-house course provides senior professionals with a comprehensive skills development program focusing on transformational change using the Transfomation3 approach. The course is designed for individuals who have some experience in leading or participating in change programs and builds on core change management skills.

Participants will be trained in:

» Identification and diagnostics of transformational change programs
» Transformation3: method for real time assessment and response to full range of challenges in transformative change
Practical application of skills to facilitate or support an organisation through transformational change

At the completion of this 2-day training, participants will be provided with a Professional Licence for the use of Transformation3 throughout their professional careers.

If your organisation is on a journey of change and you would like to learn more about training options, please contact us for a chat.





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