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Posted by : Miranda Jensen
Date Published: 7 September 2015

Our Mission

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Inspiring the Modern Explorer to Reach Beyond the Imaginable

» We live in an age where information is all around us, we can find whatever we require, it is pervasive and overwhelming. For us to progress beyond the information age, we need to step beyond knowledge and seek wisdom. 

» We need to challenge each other by being vulnerable to ‘not knowing’ and open to ‘seeking'. We need to challenge the status quo and re-think at a new pace, using the web of information to guide us, but not to drive us.

» We need to be driven by our values, not by just defining who we want to be, but by living it and challenging our inner selves to overcome the hurdles and the obstacles that prevent us from achieving beyond our pre-conceived notions of success.

» We need to be comfortable being exposed in our own truths, and support one another to ride the waves of learning and growth, we need to see our failures as successes and find new ways to rise over the peaks of the insurmountable as individuals and groups.

» We need to be brave in setting a Vision and charting a course by being humble in our ‘truth for change’.

» We need to be present in each moment with ourselves and fellow voyagers and create and shape in every moment.


Tomorrows blank page belongs to you...




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